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Cup Coffee, West End, Brisbane

Brisbane used to be a city having a sleepy little town atmosphere. Now it is trying hard to become “the Next World City”. I guess that sort of thing should happen naturally, not by being encouraged by authorities.

Cup could be one of those naturally spawned cafes in bohemian but competitive West End.

They are proudly independent and keep away from the busy main Boundary street. Even though they are a bit away from the main cafe strip, the excellent taste of coffee and nice smell are enough to bring caffeine-deprived people inside their rather tiny place.

A friend of mine always says this is one of the best in Brisbane. As a Southsider, this place seemed to be a must to visit to me.

I visited Cup on Saturday after lunch time to secure a seat because I heard so many cyclists normally occupy most of the tables. I arrived probablyThe lady at the counter patiently waited for us to decide which coffee we should order. I chose single origin Ethiopia and  my friend chose short black of their blend. Both tasted good, the atmosphere was good, people working there were attentive but cool…However, at 2PM, they were ready to close…. It was a bit early for Saturday afternoon. Maybe because I visited Cup just after New Year. I would not expect Tokyo operating hours here in Brisbane, but hope many cafes could stay open a bit late…Oh, nearly forgot to say how coffee was. It tasted well-balanced, well-made and  I was really happy to have coffee there…maybe in the morning!


Loading Dock Cafe – West End

Loading dock Espresso
Loading Dock Espresso is on Edmongton St in West End. A friend of mine raved about it, so I decided to take advantage of my current  position to pay a visit to this rather unknown cafe.

It is not far away from the central West End but I guess they definitely need some sign close to the intersection like one of my nearest cafes does to shout at potential customers to get their attention. It is very close to Coles supermarket, but mainly targeted to people working nearby as suggested by their trading hours.

The setting is nice. My favorite hole-in-the-wall style. As the name suggests, it seemingly used to be a landing dock of an office building. Their main target customers would be office workers around that area, but they are too modest not to advertise themselves. They definitely need some advertisement or marketing. Relying on word-of-mouth might not be enough! You are too good to be a hidden gem…Their coffee is from Mambo coffee, which I have never heard of. A quick google search revealed that they are based in Mooroochydoore.

I ordered iced latte which is getting popular in Brisbane and I love this fad! I really have a problem with Australian Iced Coffee that is too sweet with lots of ice cream. I spotted several coffee places that offer this option and wish this will be accepted by many clients, particularly people who are worried about the calorie intake though they urgently need cold drink and caffeine. The coffee tasted a bit more sour than coffee in other cafes, but I really love that taste. Maybe because I got used to coffee with sour taste back in Japan where filtered coffee is mainly served. A friend of mine hates any sourness in coffee since he believes that is a sign of the age of coffee beans since they were roasted. But not such a taste. I guess it comes from the style of roasting. The cute barista at the counter asked me if I would love to have a little sweetness to my coffee. That was impressive. Normally they just make coffee and push it to my nose as it is!

They do not have any shades outside, but plan to have awnings in the end of January. There is a small gallery inside. The cute barista said they would have more exhibitions later this month. It would be interesting to have coffee surrounded by lots of arts, but it would be better if they do something about lighting. It is a bit too dark and the confined feeling did not make me comfortable. They plan to open on Saturdays soon. Coffee is reasonably priced: $3.5. I cannot wait to go back there with several girl friends. Sad to lose such a hidden gem if this cafe becomes extremely popular like any other cafes where you have to stay in a queue to get a seat, but a good business should prosper!!!

Loading Dock Espresso

2 Edmongton St, South Brisbane

Five Sugars, Woolloongabba, Brisbane

I felt so miserable on the day I visited Five Sugars: So many problems going on. A friend whom I asked for help got his own issues to be solved so canceled our appointment when I was on the bus to the city to meet him. Had a sort of serious conversation relating to my future at the bus station. The cafe I decided to go to soothe my ailing heart was closed for holidays.

Luckily, Five Sugars was open. This little coffee shop neatly sits at the front of a home ware and gift shop. It is quite tiny, so you have to be really lucky to secure secure one of Five Sugar’s antique chairs that were from the nearest Antique store.

Its cute look and setting may make you underestimate the quality of coffee, but it is a serious business.  The owner, Cassie, has a passion for coffee and knows what she likes. She tasted so many coffee brands, then decided to choose Saint. Seriously, it serves very good coffee. My flat white was strong, bitter, but not too bitter: Bitter to the right extent. It tasted very flavoursome served by a nice cup. But I have to warn you, it may be a bit wobbly due to its shape (but it looks very nice), so be careful not to spill coffee over. Five Sugar offers a good selection of sweets: Great hand-made brownies, cute cup cakes or moist but not soggy biscuits. You may not be able to decide what they should have with their coffee. Well, at least, I needed 30 seconds to decide after I noticed all cupcakes had been sold out!

If you have to find a nice gift to your girl friend, mum, grand-ma, wife, partner or just a work colleague, this is a place you should visit. You can find some fancy and girly thing at the store, then have a nice cup of coffee while munching a delicious treat. What else can you expect? It is seriously a girls’ heaven…

Five Sugars

37 Logan Road, Woolloongabba

Phone 040 225 7559

Mon – Fri:09:00-16:30



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